Stellar Ticket


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Experience a night where music becomes a conduit for personal transformation, guiding you to reclaim your creative force and shape your reality with intention. This immersive journey promises an unforgettable exploration of unity and renewal.

Alice Bertay and Martin Lopez, the visionary duo behind No Borders For Lovers, blend ethereal music with a mission to ignite inspiration and creative empowerment. Alice, renowned for her operatic voice and background in classical homeopathy and ancestral Mexican Curandera traditions, merges healing arts with her lyrical prowess. Martin, an Argentinian virtuoso of the Spanish guitar, weaves intricate melodies that resonate with depth and emotion. Together, they create transformative experiences where music serves as a catalyst for personal empowerment and spiritual renewal. Through their performances, which include choreographed meditations and resonant voice frequencies, they guide participants on a journey to reclaim their creative force and shape their realities with intention. Their collaboration promises an unforgettable exploration of unity and renewal, inspiring audiences to transcend victimhood and embrace their role as creators of their destinies.

This is a private and intimate ceremony; reserve your journey to secure your place.


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