Shamanic Trance Dance


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Dance*! Move your body, let it be free to express itself. Let it guide you.
Like your ancestors or as you probably did in some past life.

Through the *breath of fire,* give yourself the opportunity to release the control of your mind to *let your form express* itself as it never has done. In return you will receive so much energy and lightness.

Surprise yourself with what your body can do and what it will lead you to live!

*Have faith. Go beyond* .

Go beyond thought, effort and time; there you will find the answers you were seeking, there you will find silence.

Allow yourself the luxury of floating, of letting go of the reins. *With a blindfold* over your eyes, you will let go the need to relying on seeing and any judgement, you will contact your deepest feelings.

_You need nothing more than breath, trust and living the experience of becoming one with everything._

Conduct by Beatrice: Rebirthing therapist, specialized on birth trauma, Doula, TranceDance presenter


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