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14:00 – 19:00
Arrive / Dynamic Sensitive Journey / Sacred Cacao & Fungi Circle + Voice Activation / Hybrid Set & Sound journey / Integration / Soup/ Fire Sharing

*• Body Exploration:* Dive into the depths of your being through movement and mindful practices. Connect with the wisdom of your body in a sacred and supportive space🔮

*• Voice Activation:* Engage in vocal group chants that will amplify the unique voice within you 🌅

*• Sacred Cacao & Fungi Circle:* Share in the heart-opening magic of the plant medicines. Allow the plants of love to guide us into a space of connection, warmth, and unity

*• Hybrid DJ Set:* Move your body and soul with the rhythmic journey of JASILEO and NATURRITU. A fusion of sounds and live performance provides the deep dive into inner exploration

*• Sound Journey:* Let the harmonious tones and frequencies transport you to deep relaxation, embodying fully the healing vibrations of a captivating sound journey 🏵️

This event is a celebration of our vibrant community on this beautiful island. Together, we’ll create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and shared experiences, nurturing the spirit of unity that makes our tribe special.

Please bring a little offering, as simple as anything you can find around you.

🔥 We welcome you to stay around the fire sharing after dinner.


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