Rebirthing session – Connect with your birth story


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REBIRTHING SESSION- Connect with your birth story

During the first part of the session we will start to understand how your birth story is still condicioning some aspects of your preset. I will ask to the participants to let me know before the session their birth story.

Rebirthing is a circular breath technique that has the power to bring out unprocessed traumas, unconscious beliefs or deep-rooted conditioning on a conscious level.

Specifically, more or less traumatic neonatal memories can emerge. By re-living these experiences in the form of sensations, visions or emotions in a protected and aware environment, we will have the opportunity to welcome, process and transform them.

It will be a mini group session (max 6 people).

🔎 With Beatrice and Elisa
Beatrice: Holistic practitioner, Doula, specialized in Rebirthing technique and healing birth experiences. Shamanic Trance Dance holder.


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