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On the Saturday 10th of February, we will harvest the energies of a really powerful and auspicious cosmic event, the New Moon in Aquarius which will bring us the energy of change, freedom and innovation AND the lunar new year of the Yang Wood Dragon in Chinese astrology, offering us opportunities for personal empowerment.

Ester an Aurora invite you to celebrate this time with us, sharing the gentle medicine of Cacao to warm up and connect deeper with your Heart wisdom and intuition before our ritual. Will follow a blindfolded dance to unleash your power within and a KAP session with 2 facilitators to open up your channels to the Divine, activating your highest timeline.

You will feel full of energy, inspired, and connected. You will sense how coming together in community can prepare your heart for a year of rapid collective changes, monumental breakthroughs, and unprecedented opportunities to amplify your divine mission with the powerful energy of the dragon!

Don’t miss out this powerful uplifiting ritual to start this New Lunar Year of the Dragon


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