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Come experience an exclusive event, KAIA EXPERIENCE, Saturday, June 15th in IBIZA, San Lorenzo from 11:00 to 14:30. There is no other experience like this!


We will connect to this pure essence and inner beauty that we embody but sometimes forget. Through various tools, including two new ones (Vibranto Gloves and “Real Reality” Glasses) we will explore our connection with ourselves like never before.

This experience will allow us to increase our sensitivity to energy by freeing our minds to feel it, welcome it, breathe it, dance it, activate it, and finally, see ourselves as PURE energy, face to face with ourselves. A unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


For those who wish, we will start with Blue Lotus tea, which will help relax our nervous system and enter a higher frequency field.


We will continue by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation through a conscious breathing exercise to open ourselves to Prana energy.


Next, we will give space to our hands, as energy resides in our hands and can be used to love, pray, bless, transmit, activate, feel and connect, to thank, give, and receive. We will use Vibranto gloves to play with this energy and increase our sensitivity.


An energetic process of awakening our own vital energy that will allow us to feel the Divine frequency vibrating within us, beyond our minds, limitations, and programs. By surrendering to the energy, relaxed and connected, we will experience an energetic harmonization and release.


After this activation, we will connect even more deeply with ourselves by looking through “real reality” glasses. These glasses allow us to see ourselves in a new way. It’s not technology, it’s simple: they are empty inside, containing only a mirror. Without distractions or references, we see ourselves. A guided meditative experience to explore the windows of the soul, recognize ourselves as spiritual and conscious beings, recognize our emotional states, and the infinite beauty of our own being. In play.

Connect to your inner energy and access the frequency of Love, without distractions or mind. The KAIA experience allows you to rediscover yourself and live a moment of pure Love and absolute presence.

📍 Heart Dome San Lorenzo
🗓 Saturday, June 15th
⏰ 11:00-14:30


– Dress in comfortable clothing to move freely.
– Bring a bottle of water, a scarf or eye mask for sleeping.
– It is recommended not to eat at least 3 hours before the session, preferably fruits and vegetables before, drink plenty of fluids on the day. The lighter your stomach, the better.
– Avoid coffee on the day of the session.
– In the 24 hours preceding the KAIA session, do not consume any drugs and avoid alcohol ⛔.
– For those taking medication for depression, heart problems, please let me know.
– This practice is NOT suitable for people with heart problems, schizophrenia, epilepsy, psychosis, or pregnant women over 6 months.

As this process expands your capacity to feel, you must be able to manage the emotional process between sessions. If this is too difficult to manage on your own, we recommend not continuing the sessions.

– Come without expectations, relaxed, open-minded, with the desire to evolve and trust the process 🙏🏽.

KAIA is a safe and natural practice, a Prana-Kundalini energy activation that accelerates the spiritual awakening process to implement significant changes in one’s life.

This method is not recommended for people with serious physical health problems, cardiovascular diseases, severe mental disorders (such as schizophrenia), psychiatric history, or epilepsy.
Contact me on WhatsApp for any questions: +34 604 125 351.

Only 12 places available

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WhatsApp: +34604125351

Email: contact@auroralchemy.com

To stay informed about upcoming workshops, find me on Instagram @a.u.r.o.r.a.l.c.h.e.m.y

With all my Love 🌹


Since 2012, Aurora has been on a journey of self-discovery and expansion, exploring conscious dance, music, medicinal plants, and Kundalini energy for healing and awakening. After a transformative encounter with Mama Cacao in 2016, she began creating experiences blending mindfulness, dance, music, and sacred subtle plants like Cacao and Blue Lotus to awaken hearts and souls. Her workshops aim to bring joy, freedom, authenticity, and pleasure to participants. In 2020, she became a level 1 and then level 2 non-duality KAP facilitator, deepening her practice with trainings in Innerdance and Kundalini Bodywork, thus strengthening her commitment to expanding consciousness. She has now created her own practice and training, KAIA (Kundalini Activation Inner Alchemy), to support collective awakening, inspire, and encourage others to find joy, purpose, and deep fulfillment. Her ultimate goal is to guide others towards meaningful lives, true freedom, and pure happiness.

KAIA (formerly KAP but transformed into a deeper and more complete practice), Kundalini Activation Inner Alchemy, is a profound spiritual journey of self-discovery. This transformative practice activates Prana Kundalini energy, leading to inner transformation, healing, and expansion of consciousness. It allows one to transcend the ego and deeply connect with their soul and life mission.

The activation of this energy purifies the physical and subtle bodies through pranic release, initiating the awakening of Kundalini. KAIA sessions gently prepare the energetic terrain, without forcing the energy. During a session, you lie down with your eyes closed, carried by music that takes you on a journey, while the practitioner uses intuitive touch on specific points like chakras and meridians. Spontaneous movements and released emotions may occur, leading to deep well-being.

Each session is unique, but post-session transformations are essential: deprogramming limiting patterns, opening new neural pathways, and reprogramming the mind to better understand one’s life path. The process aims to dissolve fears and strengthen self-confidence by releasing stagnant energies and emotions.

With regular KAIA practice, you align with your authentic essence, clarifying your life path and revealing your full potential. KAIA, with its own intelligence, guides each individual according to their spiritual journey, offering only what one is ready to receive. This practice invites you to connect with your deep essence, explore your inner universes, and awaken your infinite potential through altered states of consciousness and exploration of your Prana Kundalini energy.


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