Breathe into being Conscious Connected Breathwork


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Are you looking for transformation in your life to feel abundant, powerful, healthy, loving and loved?

Experience the transformative power of Conscious Connected Breathwork as you dive into the depths of your emotions, finding joy and love while embracing your shadows.

Join us on Saturday, April 27th, from 11am to 1pm in MoMo13, Crta. San Juan km13.

If you seek to release stress, anxiety, and trauma, or to transmute shadow emotions into peace and love, join our Breathe into Being session.

Conscious Connected Breathwork provides a safe environment to explore and release deeply stored emotions, fostering profound healing and transformation.

Through breathwork, reconnect with yourself, elevate to higher consciousness, detoxify, and attain inner peace, clarity, creativity, vitality, joy, and bliss.

Led by Barbara, a certified breathwork facilitator (Alchemy of Breath), bodyworker (Grinberg Method – CranioSacral Therapy), energy healer (Reconnective Healing + Reconnection), and InsideDance facilitator.


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