2 Day Ticket Rise & Shine Retreat Ibiza


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Ticket – for Delve into your own heart, and awaken love! 🫶

I invite you to join a immersive weekend of self love, confidence building, relaxing and fun activities with me!

I will take your through cacao sound journey, to connect you deeper into your heart, and will provide a safe place for your to experience what it is in your life you wanting to look at a shift, we will do this by connecting listening to each yoga dance body empowerment, sound journeying and activities as a group.

You get to heard, listened to and understood, we open up together create united retreat space where you can explore the emotions that have been limiting you, looking at boundaries that have been broken and need changing, bring out your strengths and voice to feel valued supported and loved!

We get to play and have fun in lighter joys of sound and music that lifts us up!

Hope for you to join, and say YES to loving you and being loved!

Please contact to book your space as this will sell out fast and only limited spaces available.

Much love and blessings

Stacy – White Goddess Ibiza


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