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Yin Journey at the Garden of Light

Welcome to the Garden of Light for a three hour long Yin Journey. In this session we will explore the experience of stillness. We explore the sensations in the body as a way to bring our awareness into the present moment. Meeting ourselves as we are, where we are.

Welcome to this exploration of your inner landscape.

Where: Temple room at the Garden of Light
When: Thursday 11/4
Time: 18.30-21.45 Doors close 18.45

About the session:
Yin is a practice of stillness. In this journey we will slow down, turn the awareness inwards and towards the body. We explore the tension, emotions and sensations felt in the body. We will be moving through long and spacious holds that allow for awareness to move to any resistance or tightness, both physical and mental. Once we are aware, we have the chance to release and to become free.

Practical info
Starting time: A late or stressed start is not good for any journey. Please arrive at 18.30 We will be starting the journey together at 18.45 without any possibility to join later. Doors will close.

After the session:
The Garden will stay open after the session and we invite you to stay and share a moment together. We offer some chai and a chance to share and connect.


If you have any questions, please contact Mika: what's app +46707103127

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April 11
Yin Journey
45,00 per ticket(incl. fee)

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