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Join us for a transformative journey into the beating heart of your wild woman.

It’s time to drop out of your head and into your body, grounding your being in your primal energy, tapping into the force of nature that you are. Creating space for the expression of your WILD, the flow of your life force energy, the roaring sounds that want to be expressed.

🫀embodiment: experience the essence of your wild woman through your body - let her roar, crawl and express her power through the primordial force of your physical vessel

🔮ritual: reconnect to (your) nature, your intuition and femininity through ceremony

💃🏼dance: feel your emotions, flow with your wildness, move to the beat of your heart

🔥feminina: experience your feminine energy as you journey within and weave with the other wild ones of this group

This immersive experience invites you to discover and embrace the untamed, primal, and authentic essence within you.

Saying NO to the good girl, the ‘shoulds’, the obedience, the confinements of the mind and golden cage

Saying YES to the savage, the confidence within, the force of your being fully expressed, your WILD unleashed

Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and liberation? Reserve your space now and let the wild within you roar.

Date & Time: Sunday, 10th December, 10am-2pm
Location: Santa Gertrudis
Investment: 66€
Booking: via WhatsApp through Muriel +4917664811072
Limited spaces available

Martina and Muriel are creating spaces for women to embody themselves in their full spectrum, in their nature, in their power.

Muriel is a trauma-informed somatic practitioner and feminine embodiment guide. She empowers women to reclaim their sovereignty and power by supporting them to connect with their sexual energy and the wisdom of their body. Her approach is gentle yet powerful as she guides her clients to go deep within to connect with their innate truth. Through somatic tools, nervous system regulation, tantric practices and various methods to cultivate self awareness, Muriel supports women on the journey from stuckness and contraction to liberation and expansion.
instagram: murielchaas

Martina is a mindfulness yoga, dance and spiritual leader. Passionate about movement, passionate about helping women connect to their most inner truths and potential, to their innate loving, tender, creative and profound sensual being. Through a transformative yoga flow sequence, dance and breath awareness she provides access to a judgment free zone to help you reconnect and awaken what’s within.
instagram: martina_rituals_yogadance

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December 10
Wild Woman Immersion
10:00 - 14:00
67,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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