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Vipassana & Vibranto


🧘‍♂️VIPASSANA Meditation + Vibranto Experience ✨

- As a celebration that we are alive we gonna sit to meditate together with this technique with more than 2500 years.
For old students.

- we are happy to recieve Luciano, from Vibranto, who is gonna offer as a guided meditation using futuristic tools as Magnetic Gloves and Real reality glases.
IG: @vibranto.ibiza

A journey from the classic meditation to a futuristic experience trough calm and peaceful mind.

If you are interested, please contact direct here:

11 April 5 pm till 8
Sant Joan area.

Be happy 💚🙏🏾

🧘‍♂️This event is in donation bases.
✨limited spots

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