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Transformational Breathing Group Session

🍁 Join us this winter time on an inner exploration of your sub-conscious mind, your emotional, energetic & spiritual bodies. What is shaping your reality today, what are you creating & attracting into your life.

🌬Harnessing the power of your breath, accessing unprocessed emotions, negative behaviour patterns, programs & belief systems that are creating unhealthy ways of relating in your life. A deep purge of what no longer serves.

🔥Connecting to your life Force prana, to your inner wisdom and truth. Brings Clarity, Power and Focus.
Enabling you make healthy, aligned choices for your highest good. Rather than creating from the wounded child or ancestral pain that perpetuates unhealthy cycles. There are many timelines we can choose to step into? which one is most aligned for you to live your highest Joy and Souls potential.

**Guided by Rebecca Hummingbird Transformational BreathWork Coach **
Guided 100’s of private & group sessions in Ibiza and throughout Europe. Rebecca has over 10 years of breathwork experience. Creating a safe container & loving environment for your healing process.

“_I am here to guide you. Empowering you to transform yourself through the power of your breath and voice. By allowing all parts of yourself to be seen, heard and felt”_

Wish I could be there again! Was really impressed by your power, empathy and wisdom. Worked as a breath coach myself with many but yours is definitely stored in the book of most amazing experiences! 🤩 Thanks again dear Rebecca. Will be back!! ❤️😘 - Nicole Avaya

Rebecca’s Transformational Breathwork is among the most profound inner work practices I’ve ever done. I’ve joined most of her group sessions this winter and can highly recommend this type of breathwork, Rebecca’s gentle on point guidance and on top of that, the venue in the beautiful carob orchard 💫🍀 🕊 - Marlies

‘Many blessing and thanks to Rebecca for guiding me, with her gentle, loving and professional approach
She touches your heart and gives a sense of security and safety. She is an angel.’ - Monica Zampa

*Thursday 29th February
*18:00 - 20:00*
Near Benniras in a cosy yurt with fire set in nature.

>Opening circle/meditation/setting intentions
>Guided breathwork
>relaxation ~ with live music Integration
>Closing circle tea & sharing

Maximum 8 spaces
Please Reserve your space via WhatsApp or Telegram
+44 7956 564963

In Love ❣️Unity 🌀 Raw Authenticity 🐬

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