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The Nectar of Clear Bliss

🪷 The Nectar of Clear Blisss🪷

a Inner Alchemy 2 Days Immersion Workshop.

this is an auspicious occasion fo a a non-residential retreat at the wonderful Crystal Mountain of Ibiza.

▫️ Breathwork, movement, self massage and sexual energy activation.

▫️We generate profound bliss by activating and enjoying the nectary essences of our Vajra Body.

▫️The experience of orgasmic meditative radiance expand into spiritual realization, emotional integration and physical healing.

n practice, this technique is an Inner Yoga procedure that stimulate the human body to produce a strong sensation of juicy and nectary pleasure coming from the root of the palate, spreading through the entire body via particular energy pathways.
Found in ancient Indian and Tibetan Tantric Inner Alchemy, this technique truly awakens the practitioners’ subtle energy system in a safe and watery way.
This is an orgasmic, tangible and physical experience that ripples in the practitioners’ subtle dimensions and settle them in a meditative state.

Although the practice involve sexual energy activation , this is an individual and personal practice, where we come in tune with our sexuality in a safe, respectful and meditative manner, balancing it and recognizing this creative energy as sacred and pure.
The focus is turned inward, and in the workshop there is no requirement of Nudity and personal contact is not allowed during the sessions.

💎 Price: 333€
▫️ a healthy meal per day
▫️ access to a telegram group to practice, share and further guidance
▫️access to Inner Nectar classes held periodically online trough zoom.

💎 Booking and more informations:
via the form: https://www.bodymandala.org/the-nectar-of-clear-bliss-ibiza-2023
+43 676 3388201 (Sheila)

We are not “selling the dharma” so Nobody will be turned away for lack of resources. If you are truly interested to join but you find some difficulties please contact us and we will find a solution!

Love & Bliss
Sheila & Seba

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