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The art of the healing movement / Wùo Taï workshop


✨  Thursday, march 14 from 2pm to 2.30 pm ✨


𓆃 More than just bodywork, Wùo Taï is a poetry of movement, an adventure of the mind, skillfully combining the precise therapeutic science of osteopathy, the subtlety of dance and the wisdom of Thai massage.

𓆃 A therapeutic discipline that is practiced by 2, on the floor and on mats.

𓆃 Highly therapeutic, this dance of the fasciae is a paradigmatic change of mental structures, it is an invitation to enter into an osteopathic dance, able to rewrite the subconscious patterns.

👉  This workshop is open to ALL. It is a very good complement for masseurs, yogis, dancers, bodyworkers,... to complete their practice and for every person who wants to connect to the magic of the body.

🕣  Date : Thursday march 13, from 2pm to 2.30 pm.

👉  Price: 25 euros

🌎  Place : OiNNI Garden

🔖 Reservation : + 33 6 78 70 70 62 99 (Whatsapp, Nathalie)

🗣️ Language : Spanish with the possibility of translation into English


I am Nathalie Varlet, holistic healer, physiotherapist, facilitator of Wùo Taï ( osteo-dance ) and specialized in the art of healing movement. I have been working as a manual therapist for 15 years and I am passionate about the subtle movement of the body.
Through the workshops of Wùo Taï I like to guide by listening to the choreography of the body and discovering the infinite beauty of the subtle worlds.

👉 Insta : @nathalievarlet.art 

👉 All info : https://en.nathalievarlet.com/ibizawuotai

YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_yY4ZSaE6E&ab_channel=NathalieVarlet-Transcendanse

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