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The art of the healing movement / Wùo Taï workshop


✨  Thursday, november 30 from 12 am to 14.30 pm ✨

🌀 “Coming back to the center”

Our center is constantly moving depending on the interaction we have with what surrounds us.

⁉️How can we focus our perception of our center to follow its movement?

How does my center shift when I interact?

From the moving perception of my center how can I be coherent with the movement?

These are the questions that I suggest you explore through the practice of Wùo Taï and the fascia movement.


𓆃 More than just bodywork, Wùo Taï is a poetry of movement, an adventure of the mind, skillfully combining the precise therapeutic science of osteopathy, the subtlety of dance and the wisdom of Thai massage.

𓆃 A therapeutic discipline that is practiced by 2, on the floor and on mats.

𓆃 Highly therapeutic, this dance of the fasciae is a paradigmatic change of mental structures, it is an invitation to enter into an osteopathic dance, able to rewrite the subconscious patterns.

👉  This workshop is open to ALL. It is a very good complement for masseurs, yogis, dancers, bodyworkers,... to complete their practice and for every person who wants to connect to the magic of the body.

🕣  Date : Thursday november 30, from 12 am to 14.30 pm.

👉  Price: 25 euros

🌎  Place : connection dome (Benirras)

🔖 Reservation : + 33 6 78 70 70 62 99 (Whatsapp, Nathalie)

🗣️ Language : Spanish with the possibility of translation into English


I am Nathalie Varlet, holistic healer, physiotherapist, facilitator of Wùo Taï ( osteo-dance ) and specialized in the art of healing movement. I have been working as a manual therapist for 15 years and I am passionate about the subtle movement of the body.
Through the workshops of Wùo Taï I like to guide by listening to the choreography of the body and discovering the infinite beauty of the subtle worlds.

👉 Insta : @nathalievarlet.art 

👉 All info : www.nathalievarlet.com

YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_yY4ZSaE6E&ab_channel=NathalieVarlet-Transcendanse

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