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Temple of Devotion retreat

I'm excited to invite you to a special retreat in Ibiza, diving deep into intimacy, connection and trust.

I'm co-hosting with the wonderful David Taurel bringing his years of experience as a tantra teacher and love, s$x & intimacy coach.

Temple of Devotion
A three day temple retreat for couples, lovers and intimate friends.
18th – 20th September, Ibiza

Our intentions for how we hold you through this journey:
- We desire to create a safe space for you to deepen into love, with life, with yourself and with your chosen partner for the retreat,
- A space for you to feel the fullness of the magic you hold within,
- We desire to guide you with our open hearts and grounded wisdom through practices that hold the power to change your intimate relationships,
- We are here to hold space for vulnerability, and empower you to align with what you truly desire.

David Taurel and Arktara Rose invite you to immerse yourself into the art of devotion.
Allow your body to melt as we guide you through a series of practices, perfectly woven together to create a space for exploration, presence and love.

For who?
- You wish to deepen your connection to yourself and your chosen partner for the retreat.
- You desire to learn tantric practices to cultivate the richness of life.
- You know there is more to intimacy than what society has taught you.
- You are curious about tantra but haven't been sure how to jump in.
- You already have experience with tantra and wish to go deeper.
- We welcome all gender & sexual expressions and relationship types. We are inviting couples, lovers and intimate friends.

Please book with someone you trust and feel comfortable with for intimate exploration.

Full information and to book

Email - hello@arktara.com

So much love
Arktara & David ❤️

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