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Shamanic Family Constellation


✅ The way how Shamanism and Family Constellation they work together is Creating a Sacred Space of Healing and Integration where Your Soul knowledge can embody and grounding.

✅ The Shamanic Constellation works with Family System, Karma and Past lives.

✅ The Shamanic Constellation help you to let go old patterns, to dissolve blockages, to changes believes about you and others, to awake you inner power, to connect with your purpose of life and to understand situations and happening during your childhood and adult life.

🙏 I'm Samantha Libertá and I love offering you a safe space, a deep and effective work!🌹

For more than 20 years I guide people in therapies and transformation processes.🙏

I have been professionally dedicated to Family Constellations for more than 15 years.
Since 11 years I practice Shamanism as a healing system and I had been initiated by Shamans of different traditions.
I usually live in Ibiza where I give personal Mentorship, Workshops and Teacher training.

🌹In this workshop:


🌹In both cases you will notice the work and the changes.

If you come to Constellate, clearly we are going to open your family field to see where is the root of the issue you bring, to liberate it and heal it.

In the Shamanic Constellation also could appear your lineages blockages or past life memories to trasmute., this a beautiful opportunity to connect with your Genealogic Tree and recib power form your Ancesters

🌺Whether you come as a Representative role or to Constellate, you will leave lighter, well integrate! With more understanding and with more strength!

‼️‼️The Constellations will be in English and Spanish😉

To Constellate is €125, .

To a Reppresent €35

📞For more information please send a WhatsApp to
+34 677321459

Love and Gratitude
Samantha Libertá

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July 14
Shamanic Family Constellation You're paying a ticket to participate to the Shamanic Constellation workshop. If you want only participate and to reppresent, your payment is already done If you want to have your personally Family Constellation you need pay an extra 80€ the day of the workshop, possible in cash, . Any questions please send a whats app to +34 677321459
35,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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