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Shamanic Equinox Ceremony

March 20th marks the first day of a new season, and the beginning of the astrological new year. A day to plan and manifest what you wish to harvest this summer, to celebrate light, life, and the rebirth of nature and ourselves.

In this Norwegian Shamanic ceremony, we will do just that! During our time in this beautiful, wild garden surrounded by rescue animals, we will:

*Receive a shamanic energetic cleanse and blessing.
*Travel inward during a guided meditation and drum journey.
*Ancient shamanic ritual in collaboration with nature to make our plans and wishes come true.
*Deeply connecting with, and honoring nature and the elements in a shamanic way.
*Yurt with Altar Creation, and the sounds of spring.
*Learn about the importance of bees and how we can help them from extinction (hosted by a beekeeper who will give us insight into the secret life of the bees)

Combine this ceremony with a Hatha Yoga Class from 09.30 - 11.00by Elena Ravasi.

20 euros adults/10 euros for teenagers.

Whatsapp + 4799720515

12 years.

Pen, journal and drinking water. And a flower (or more) for the altar to give thanks to the spirits.

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March 20
11:30 - 14:00
21,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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