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Shaktipat Session in Ibiza KUNDALINI SERPENT

Shaktipat Session
International Energy School
David Tur and Jessica Millán

Shaktipat, in Sanskrit means "touch of energy"
It is an energetic transmission that activates and awakens the latent Kundalini energy in all human beings.

By connecting the body with vital energy, we access altered states of consciousness, where we will feel deep states of well-being, union and release of old patterns, among many other beneficial effects.

"Kundalini is the cosmic energy that resides in each of us and connects us with the universe." -Deepak Chopra

The KUNDALINI SERPENT Method has been meticulously developed over 10 years by David Tur, with the support of the KS team, with the purpose of promoting human and spiritual growth in a comprehensive way, sharing this energetic transfer around the world with the School of facilitators.

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January 12
Shaktipat Session in Ibiza KUNDALINI SERPENT Shaktipat Session with David Tur
36,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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