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Sensual Serpents – Root Chakra Dance

Welcome sacred beautiful ones,

This is a journey of initiation - a rite of passage into your WOMAN. This is a Priestess Temple space for the ones who remember the holiness of the feminine. Where we connect with our bodies as a sacred vessel a bridge to GOD.

Come open yourself to the frequency of the sacred feminine and the divine masculine.

I lovingly invite you to, Sensual Serpents a potent sacred dance of inner union and alchemy.

This temple is a shamanic, tantric, alchemical journey through sensual dance and chakra elevation. During this session we focus on your roots. Combining chakras, elements and ancient practices to activate your body to heal and remember.

This whole journey is one of liberation, reconnection and reclamation as we purify you from base to crown. We use an Egyptian process to direct your shakti energy to be cultivated.

We delve deep, descending into your body to awaken the potency of Kundalini to support you on your journey.

Purifying, transmuting and liberating each portal to align with its highest vibration.

During this session we use a map to journey you into deep layers of purification and activation to awaken the root chakra.

I bring forth and invite a blend of many ancient and new practices including tantra, kundalini dance, embodiment, breath, meditation and deep relaxation.

We travel through the physical body and begin a purification process, we then enter the emotional body before lifting the energy higher and higher until you reach the state of liberation. We then ride these waves into the heart space and we rest into a sacred alchemical marriage; this is where we get to rewrite our old beliefs and upgrade our systems.

Here you have an opportunity to embody an array of feminine archetypes. We call on the light of Shiva, God to protect and bring more light into our bodies.

It's a journey like no other.

I invite you to taste this ecstatic liquid nectar that Sensual Serpents offers.

We begin: 17th May 2-4pm with The Root Chakra, and every Friday after we journey through a different chakra.

Dancing the root chakra awake.

We focus on relationships, patterns, blocks, work, money, family, community, tribe, belonging, body image, health, abundance and grounding.

We dance to anchor our roots into the earth to take our place here on earth. A tribal, wild evening into ecstasy, and bliss.

The essence of this evening: stability.
The process: renewal

Come and join us, on this special day where we gather with a group of beautiful woman to open our bodies to this potent energy.

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May 17
Sensual Serpents Dance A feminine embodiment dance. Sensual Serpents Root chakra dance
34,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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