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Sensual Serpents Dance

Welcome sacred beautiful ones,

This is a journey of initiation - a rite of passage into your WOMAN. This is a Priestess Temple space for the ones who remember the holiness of the feminine. Where we connect with our bodies as a sacred vessel a bridge to GOD.

Come open yourself to the frequency of the divine masculine and the sacred feminine.

I lovingly invite you to, Sensual Serpents a potent sacred dance of inner union and alchemy.

This temple is a shamanic, tantric, alchemical journey through sensual dance and chakra elevation. Each week we dedicate the whole session to one of your gateways. Combining chakras, elements and ancient practices to activate your body to heal and remember.

This whole journey is one of liberation, reconnection and reclamation as we purify you from base to crown. We use an Egyptian process to direct your shakti energy to be cultivated.

We delve deep, descending into your body to awaken the potency of Kundalini to support you on your journey.

Purifying, transmuting and liberating each portal to align with its highest vibration.

Sensual Serpents is a 8 week journey into a deep cellular rewire and upgrade. Each of your Chakras are like holograms holding within them your wounds, gifts, emotional imprint, memory and energy. They correspond to specific nerve bundles and internal organs.

As we journey through this human realm our chakras need constant cleaning with energy and higher vibrations, prayers and linking into source and earth energy.

During these sessions we use a map to journey you into deep layers of purification and activation to awaken these energy centres. One centre per session.

I bring forth and invite a blend of many ancient and new practices including tantra, kundalini dance, embodiment, breath, meditation and deep relaxation.

We travel through the physical body and begin a purification process, we then enter the emotional body before lifting the energy higher and higher until you reach the state of liberation. We then ride these waves into the heart space and we rest into a sacred alchemical marriage; this is where we get to rewrite our old beliefs and upgrade our systems.

Here you have an opportunity to embody an array of feminine archetypes. We call on the light of Shiva, God to protect and bring more light into our bodies.

It's a journey like no other.

I invite you to taste this ecstatic liquid nectar that Sensual Serpents offers.

3rd May, A delicious taster and introduction to this ancient and potent work, come have a taste and see if it aligned for you to join us for the deep dive. Taster session €20

We begin: 17th May 2-4pm
The Root Chakra,

Dancing the root chakra awake.
We focus on relationships, patterns, blocks, work, money, family, community, tribe, belonging, body image, health, abundance and grounding.

We dance to anchor our roots into the earth to take our place here on earth. A tribal, wild evening into ecstasy, and bliss.

The essence of this evening: stability.
The process: renewal

24th May 2-4pm
The Sacral Chakra.

How does it feel to be inside your body?

Reclaiming shakti, your life force, prana.
What is your connection to self, pleasure and joy?
We activate sacred codes, opening tantric pathways and vital life force, directing this powerful energy for creativity and sexuality.

Awakening your sacral waters. Stirring your serpentine sensual shakti and awakening your senses. This is an opportunity for your goddess, Priestess and sensual self to explore and play in your erotic essence.

Essence: Creativity
Process: Transformation

31st May 2-4pm
The Solar Plexus

Awakening your Solar fire. Enter the sacred fires for transformation and purification. This evening we empower our feminine warrior, we paint and create as we adorn our bodies with tribal prints to call forth the courage and confidence to dance this life. This evening is an initiation, a rite of passage,
Girl - Woman,
Princess - Priestess,
Worrier - Warrior.

We journey into the depth of inner fire, personal power, being seen, claiming space, radiance, calling in new paradigms of power. Reclaiming confidence and taking your space. The spiritual warrior and your wildness and diva is welcome.

A space to journey into healthy boundaries and fierce love.

Process: Self Awareness
Transformation: Maturation

7th June 2-4pm
The Heart Chakra

Come home deep into love and Union.
Opening The Chambers of your heart.

Entering the sacred pulse of your beating heart with the plant elixir and medicine of cacao, sacred songs as we soften and open to the infinite power held within the heart.

Where you become the bridge between realms.
We journey through the emotions and qualities of
Love, giving, receiving, opening, connecting our hearts, oneness, reweaving the heart grid, joy and liberation.

Essence: Emotional Balance
Process: Forgiveness

14th June
The Throat Chakra 2-4pm
Purification Centre of truth.

This evening we journey into expansion, sharing your unique creative expression, within conscious communication and silence as you embrace the truth of who you are. Enter the void, connect to the mysteries as you awaken to your unique sound.

We enter into purification and awakening of your sacred sound to enhance your expression and the art within communication. Your voice carries your unique frequency, tone and the vibrations you place out and into the earth.

Essence: Expression
Process: Resonance

21st June 2-4pm
The Thymus Chakra

The seat of your soul, come home to your resting place as you reset and remember.

Essence: Truth
Process: Remembrance

28th June 2-4pm
The Third Eye

Awakening your seat of intuition. We dance to access and journey deep into and through the body's inner gateways. We spiral and merge in union with the divine as we arrive into a trance state.

Connecting to your inner site, a journey into trust and surrender into the unseen.

Vision, psychic powers, stillness, consciousness, inner guidance, divine intelligence, channel, crystalline energy, sacred symbols.

Essence: Wisdom
Process: Revelation

5th July
The Crown Chakra

We arrive at your final chakra, your crown. Opening the Lotus flower and dancing in celebration and ecstatic bliss.

We purify, activate, awaken and align all of your chakras through dance, meditation, tantric alchemy and feminine embodiment.

This is Temple night to deeply sink into self.
A celebration of life, into bliss, union, communication, Co-creation, manifestation, celebration, oneness.

Essence: Ascension
Process: Self realisation

Come join us for this one off special and very sacred journey.

It's recommended to commit to the whole 8 series journey, however life does have its own plan. So if you can only join us for a few or a one off please reach out and let me know.

Price for the whole course
Early bird: €200 if you book before 4th May.

€222 there after
Drop in class €33
Or bring a friend €55 for 2.

Limited spaces available.

With love and blessings

Deva Wild

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May 3
Sensual Serpent Dance Come and join our delicious dance temple as we move through the chakras into an ecstatic state of liberation.
21,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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