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Satsang with SunDari and Sangeet

An opportunity to offer Prayers, Chants & Songs for the Planet Now…

On the 18th - we’ll be coming together physically at Taj Mahal in Ibiza from 5-7pm (7am pst -9 am pst) to dedicate this time for magnified prayers, chants & codes to the planet & those in Palestine & anywhere in the world going through these intense experiences.

Experience sansang with vegetarian Indian food and chai.

You can join us online live on @SunDariSangeet page on Instagram & participate w/ us to magnify these prayers.

And if you can’t join us live… you can take time anytime or at this time to dedicate a few minutes to offer this prayer, any chants or sending love into the energetic field

We always have a choice to learn through the Teacher of Love or Fear

A code I bring myself back to whenever I feel contraction, resistance, separation, or judgment is…

If it’s not love, it’s a lie - it is an illusion

As we remember..
The Universe always has us & is reflecting for us the opportunities for upgrades cuz it is ALL
Always for us

We can offer this prayer to the Universe / Source / God / Highest Self Awareness (or whatever language you resonate with)

I offer this prayer now & ask for support to now learn, see & hear this through the teacher of Love …

Thank you Universe for giving us the opportunity and assisting us to Learn through Unconditional Love,

Thank you for showing us all perceptions & programs that are not Unconditional Love, Acceptance & Compassion that we can cleanse, clear & lovingly guide our awareness to return to Love & expand our capacity into even MORE Love

Thank you for aligning us back to Sovereignty & our sacred Power to Choose Love -

I / We NOW choose Love
Bring your Focus onto Love,
Opening to curiosity of how this is for us,
What it is asking us to cleanse, clear, and shift into new behaviors for a greater earth

Envision whatever you have seen through resistance to compassion & Love

And w/ that feeling -
Ekk ong karr
Sat Gurr prasad
Sat Gurr prasad
Ekk ong karr

Om shanti shanti om
Om shanti shanti om

Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam
I let go of the world as it was
And I choose my reality now
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you 🙏🏻

We hope to have you join us there or online💚🙏🏻💚

SunDari & Sangeet

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