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Release therapy training WORKSHOPS

RELEASE THERAPY WORKSHOP is a 3 days workshops exploring and learning the amazing and profound techniques of Thai massage to give your recipients the best Release Therapy healing treatment, after years of this practice I'm enchanted of its benefits and therapeutic results so I want to share with you for the spreading of this amazing healing art and for the benefits of most people possible. Each day we will dive in different techniques to release body, mind and soul, this treatment works at all levels: in the physical, in the emotions, in the energy field, in the mind and spirit 🌈
we work along the energy channels aka meridians, Sen, Chi, combining various techniques with an unique method that I mastered through 10 years of practicing healing modalities. The aim of this treatment is to Release the recipient in the body, mind, emotional and energetic fields.
Erase stress, relax, realign and revitalize at the same time.

Read here for some of the benefits:

• total body contracture released
• stress and anxiety disappeared
• boost immune system
• improves&balances the energy flow
• Feeling peaceful in body and mind
• detoxifying
• Experiencing an enhanced sense of well-being
• Being able to sleep peacefully again
• Increased energy
• Feeling more in touch with who you are
• Feeling grounded in the moment instead of spaced-out
• Feeling stronger physically and emotionally
• Having increased zest for life
• Becoming more connected with yourself and others
• Increasing your creativity

After 10 yeas of this amazing practice I made my own signature and ready to share with you 🙏🏽 You will learn:

* the energy channels in the body

* how to prepare yourself before the treatment and your aftercare

* ethics and discovery chat with your recipient

* the importance of the art of touch

* treatment techniques on the body:

~ acupressure

~ trigger points

~ myofascial massage

~ lymphatic drainage

* rejuvenating face acupressure and massage

* feet reflexology

* best back release massage

* use of balm and aromatherapy

will be 3 intense days from 12pm to 7pm
you can reserve both days or just come the 1st day, please send me a WhatsApp for more informations and book your spot.



with the attendance of the 3 days you will receive the book Release Therapy Treatment and a certificate of completion

by Simona Thai 💖


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October 25
releaseretreat@gmail.com 150€ per day Payment via PayPal releaseretreat@gmail.com
451,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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