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Release Muscle Tension: Focus on Hips and Pelvis

Calling all Athletes and Movers in Ibiza!

Optimise Your Performance and Embrace Pain-Free Movement!

Are you an avid cyclist, runner, gym enthusiast, dancer, or muscle builder? Experience stiffness, pain, or tightness in your hips and pelvis that hinders your performance?

Join our exclusive half-day workshop tailored just for you!

Address Muscle Tension: Learn functional movement to ease chronic tension.

Learn Myofascial Release Technique: Strengthen, relax, oxygenate, and stimulate the pelvic and hip areas.

Practise TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises) utilising neurogenic tremors to access your body's natural recovery reflex. Experience the internal massage that restores deep chemical and endocrinal balance.

What People Say About Us:
"The myofascial release has been a powerful mechanism for me to help me move through a knee injury but also to bring freedom to my body beyond my knees. It’s work. But it’s the best kind of work as you feel amazing at the end. For me, it released the happy chemicals in my body and lifted my mood immensely whilst feeling great in my body too.

"I started TRE at a very difficult time in my life. I was going through some kind of massive burn out and was in a space where I have never been before. Anxiety, moments of depression. TRE was one of the major tools I used to bring me through this period which thankfully is behind me. I was nervous going into it, not sure why. It was like a big warm hug and really assisted on bringing me to a calm, peaceful, rested state of mind which then allowed me to know I could come through my situation.

Thank you so so much for that TRE session, honestly, I was so awful that day and now I feel like a different person, it’s mad. It had such an impact!

Empower Yourself for Self-Care!
Gain valuable tools for self-care to maintain peak performance and prevent stiffness or pain.

Sunday, February 11th
11:00 - 16:00
Estudio Marta Yoga, Santa Eulalia

+34 685 05 54 47 (Chave)
+34 655 35 78 28 (Daga)
Investment: €60

Limited spots available.
Reserve yours now!

Delivered to you by ISADA Therapy Collective - Isabel (Chave) Manso and Daga Cybruch.

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