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Rebalance&Recharge😁Hormonal balance getaway

Hi beautiful women💃💃

Do you long to feel balanced again, to feel energetic and recharged and to understand your body better?
If you experience an imbalance in your hormones (stress, fatigue, panic, confusion, insomnia, challenging menstrual cycle, pre-menopause) then is this an amazing opportunity to take your life back.

We invite you to join this magical women's retreat.

Real quality time for yourself in enchanting Greece against a breathtaking backdrop on the island of Evia.

The pearls:
* Distance from daily stresses.
* The opportunity to come back to a more balanced you - physically, mentally and emotionally.
- Too much stress can cause hormone disbalance, woman’s with challenging menstrual cycles, pre-menopause -
* Five days and four nights of Yoga & Pilates classes focused on Achieving Hormonal Balance.
* Quiet time to recharge. Pool, beach, outstanding nature.
* Enriching Workshops - Shamanic Cacao ceremony, Five rhythms, Aromatherapy and Acupressure, Mindfulness Exercises.
* Private treatments - Soothing and balancing Acupuncture therapy, BodyWork therapy.
* Delicious and nourishing vegetarian food.
* One day trip on the beautiful Island.

The meeting between the worlds of Aromatherapy, Chinese medicine and shamanic practices combined with Yoga, Pilates and meditation all to
empower you!
Tools for daily life that will help you feel immediately better !

What is included?
* Accommodation for 4 nights, 5 days, at the Eco Silence Hotel on the island of Evia in Greece - a charming hotel surrounded by nature and breathtaking views, with spacious, clean, and comfortable rooms.
* Two nutritious, tasty, and healthy meals - to strengthen the body, support clear thinking, and a sense of vitality.
* Tea, coffee, and healthy snacks throughout the day - so you won't miss anything :).
* Morning yoga practices with meditation - to start the day with movement and breath for a feeling of relaxation and vitality in body and soul.
* Evening yoga practices - for complete relaxation and preparing the body for a good and deep sleep.
* The classes are suitable for all levels (no previous experience required).
Workshop on aromatherapy, five rhythms, cacao ceremony and more - to release the old and embrace the new.
* Chinese acupuncture and bodywork treatments - calming and balancing all body systems, allowing you to maximize your potential.
* A fun day of touring the beautiful island against breathtaking landscapes.
* Quiet time for yourself - resting by the pool, visiting the blue sea, or enjoying a pleasant walk in nature.
* The company of good women for a shared, empowering, and connecting experience.

Check the link below for all the info:

Nini Yeala Haimovich
A practitioner of ancient Chinese medicine.
specialising in treating woman with hormonal imbalances.
Hosting Workshops on hormonal balance based on natural medicine.
"Shonishin" - Japanese medicine for infants and children,
Clinical aromatherapist,
Pilates instructor,
Practicing yoga for over a decade,
Supporting women in self-love ,
Fulfillment and physical and emotional health.

Nikaya van Kruijsdijk
​Woman empowering workshops and ceremonies.
Kundalini and hormone yoga teacher
Kundalini and mindfulness coach.
Shamanic and tantric practices with/without plant medicine
Dance therapy and regression bodywork.

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June 20
Recharge&Balance 😁Hormonale balance getaway Yu rock and deserve to feel good
20 juni 14.30
991,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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