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Rapeh Ceremony with Live Music

Join us for a sacred Rapeh Circle in a special ceremonial setup to reconnect wiht your Being. Rapeh aid in grounding, clearing mental fog, and opening your spiritual channels, aligning you with the energies of the Earth.

We will serve 3 different types of Rapeh, each one has different mixture of medicine plants that bring different healing effects in the energy field.

Meanwhile experience live Medicine music and Yawanawá songs, whose melodies and rhythms carry the essence of the ancestral knowledge of the Earth. The vibrations of instruments and chants will envelop you, creating a powerful atmosphere for transformation.


🌱 LIANA is a naturopath, herbalist, medicine woman, nutritionist, acupunturist, integrative mentor, dedicated to self-care, healing and expansion of consciousness for +15 years in over 30 countries.

🌞 Nuriadelsol is Psychologist, soundhealer, medicine woman and energy worker for also +15years

✨ Luz Sol is passionate about Yawanawa and Huni Kuin songs. Her passion for the music of the jungle will transport you to it.

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July 3
Rapeh Ceremony with Live Music
33,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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