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Eclipses are pivotal in astrology, representing moments of fate and destiny. They bring breakthroughs and shake up our lives. A solar eclipse, an intense new moon, symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. However, during this time, our intuition is obscured as the moon, governing our intuition, is hidden in the cosmos. Surrendering to the universe is essential, allowing things to unfold naturally. Eclipses illuminate matters needing attention and can reveal secrets.

It's time to release and surrender to the universe and let go of whatever's not working for us or aligned with ourselves and bring in every new beginning that comes from some other beginning's end. This solar eclipse is of the heart, so we are moving to what we desire and love.

The combination of Cacao and Blue Lotus takes us on an initiatory journey to explore deeper within ourselves. Together, they symbolize purity, love, wisdom and spiritual awakening, offering a profound inner process towards harmony and transformation.

KAP is a practice that activates our vital energy. It's the path of surrender ; creating opportunities for healing, higher states of consciousness and a deeper connection with your soul and life mission.

17:30 - 18:30 Cacao and Blue Lotus Ceremony + Pranayama Heart and Pineal Gland Activation + Movement
18:30-20:30 KAP - Energy Activation

Throughout this experience, Aurora will activate your life force energy enabling you to deeply connect deeper with your true self. During this process, your chakras undergo deep cleansing and harmonization. As the flow of universal life force energy is facilitated, it gently dissolves energetic blockages within your body and energy field. Through this release, you may encounter a range of sensations and transformations :

-Deep emotional release
-Physical sensations of warmth, tingling, or relaxation
-A sense of lightness and freedom from past burdens
-Increased intuition and spiritual awareness
-Enhanced connection with your inner guidance and higher self
-Insights & Trust in your process

These experiences are unique to each individual and may vary from session to session. Trust in the process and allow yourself to surrender to the healing energies at work within you/

I am very much looking forward to seeing and share magic with you!

👉🏻 WHERE :

👉🏻 PRICE : 77€

Notebook and pencil
Comfortable clothes to move freely
Eyes mask or blinflod
Bottle of water


What you need to consider for the session (read carefully):
〰️ It's recommended not to eat at least 3 hours before the session, and preferably fruit and vegetables beforehand, drink plenty of fluids on the day. The lighter your stomach, the better.
Avoid coffee on the day of the session.
〰️ The 24 hours before the KAP session, do not consume any kind of drug and avoid alcohol ⛔.
〰️This practice is NOT suitable for people with heart problems, schizophrenia, epilepsy, psychosis, or who are more than 6 months pregnant.
As this process expands your capacity to feel, you will need to be able to manage the emotional process between sessions. If this is too difficult to manage on your own, we recommend that you do not continue with the sessions.
〰️Come without expectations, relaxed, open-minded, with the desire to evolve and trust processus.
KAP is a safe and natural practice, an activation of Kundalini, Chi, Prana, which supports the process of awakening Kundalini, Chi, Prana in order to implement major changes in one's life.

I am beyond excitement to share this potent time with you
Cosmic Love



**** Cacao, a medicinal plant from Central America, has been used for thousands of years in sacred rituals by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. Considered "food of the gods", it is prized for its physical, emotional and spiritual benefits, promoting the opening of the heart chakra, emotional healing, meditation and connection with the higher self.

**** Blue Lotus, the sacred flower of ancient Egypt, has unique medicinal and spiritual properties linked to the pineal gland and third eye. Renowned for its calming effects on the nervous system, it promotes relaxation and is associated with mental clarity, spiritual awakening and connection with oneself and the universe.

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April 8
17:30 - 20:30
78,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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