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New Moon Journey – Biodynamic Breathwork

(Trauma release system)
New moon journey
With live Harp music
Building trust

Friday 12th January
At Connection Dome (Benirras)

Trust is the foundation of relaxation and surrender. If we can't trust, we cannot let go or surrender. And in order to trust, we need to feel safe first

In this session we will focus on building internal and external resources of safety to increase our capacity to trust, so that we can:
🦋Build healthier relationships based in safety, integrity and love
🦋Open space for clarity, creativity, joy, and inspiration
🦋Be able to take clear actions to fulfill our deepest desires
🦋Feel more prepared and able to deal with life’s challenges as they come

Biodynamic breathwork combines connected breath, touch, felt sense, music and movement to release emotional and physical trauma stuck in the body, so that we can come back to our natural state of flow, ease and connection.

The live music allows us to play with different levels of activation through the journey, following the energy of what is alive in the moment, and supports us to drop deeper into the full spectrum of felt sensations that lives in our bodies. And is pretty magical!

The journey will include
🦋Intention setting
🦋Free dancing
🦋Connected open mouth breath practice
🦋Sharing and integration

The session will happen in a warm and cosy dome with very easy road access close to Benirras beach

🦋Everyone is welcomed. No previous experience in Breathwork is necessary
🦋If you have any health conditions or take any medication, please contact Amrita in advanced to check if this session is suitable for you
🦋Advanced booking required

For more info about my work and Biodynamic Breathwork www.amritasnectar.com / www.instagram.com/amritasnectar

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