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Native Soul Journey Cacao Magic Mushroom Breathwork Ceremony

On August 1 at 8:31 PM the full moon is present again. The moon is then in the sign of Aquarius and is a super moon. Directly opposite, the sun is in the sign of Leo. During the full moon, a field of tension arises between these two signs. This can make you tired, irritable or emotional. The supermoon adds even more to that.

During the full moon on August 1, 2023, energy will be created that asks us to go within. What limiting thoughts or beliefs do we have that are linked to our ego? And how can we change these thoughts to benefit not only ourselves, but also our community?

You can clearly see the influence of the sign Leo (where the sun is now). Where Leo revolves around 'I' (and ego), Aquarius revolves around 'we'. Leo stimulates you to think about where and when you can take up more space. Aquarius acts from a clear goal; wanting to improve the world.

Create a moment for yourself with relaxing selfreflection during this Full Moon ceremony. You can choose for only Cacao to open your heart or add the microdose of the Magic Mushroom that will gently take you to a deeper level.

Connect with Nature and each other but above all with yourself!

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August 1
Cacao incl Macro Magic Mushroom Cacao to open the Heart. Macro Magic Mushroom to dive deeper within.
91,95 per ticket(incl. fee)
August 1
Cacao incl Micro Magic Mushroom Cacao to open the Heart . Micro Magic Mushroom to go a little deeper
80,95 per ticket(incl. fee)
August 1
Only Cacao Cacao to open the heart
66,95 per ticket(incl. fee)

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