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Native Soul Journey by Your Zenses

On September 29th the full moon is present again. This time in zodiac sign Aries. This moon is the Harvest moon or Corn Moon.
The Theme of this moon is ‘Letting Go’.
The energy becomes more focused inward.

Reflect back on all your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harvests. What do you want to keep and take with you into the future and what do you want to let go?

Create a moment for yourself with selfreflection during this Full Moon ceremony. You can choose for only Cacao to open your heart or add the microdose of the Magic Mushroom that will gently take you to a deeper level.

Go on a Trance Journey with Breathwork guided with a soundbath.

Connect with Nature and each other but above all with yourself!

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September 29
Cacao + Macrodose Mushroom Choose Cacao and Macrodose Mushroom to be more open and receptive. Experience more sensations and a deeper dive within.
16:16 - 20:20
92,15 per ticket(incl. fee)
September 29
Cacao + Microdose Mushroom Choose Cacao to open the Heart and Microdose Mushroom to be more open and receptive.
16:16 - 20:20
81,15 per ticket(incl. fee)
September 29
Cacao Choose Cacao to Open the Heart!
16:16 - 20:20
67,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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