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Sami Kausay:

Coming form Argentina in her Europe tour sharing the medicine of Cacao in a ceremonial way she learned with the elders in America, whom she received the permission and initiations to serve this Medicine in a ceremonial way. Hatha yoga teacher and meditation, retreat and Sacred circles. Creator of Muluk Alquimia and Tribu Cacao, bringing the sead of Cacao coming from the Jade Mountains of Guatemala.

Paz Shanti

Singer-songwriter, composer, music producer and experimental music. She shares her sound from the soul with medicine songs, mantras and world music, creating an atmosphere of love, light and relaxation. Carrier of Andenean Misa, Cleansing Smoke Fire Woman, initiated into the Andean Cosmovision and Activation of the Merkaba of light. She will be holding the ceremony with her voice, music and instruments from the world.

Elena Luz de Luna:

Holistic therapist, family constellation practitioner, energy healer, and channeler trained in multiple disciplines. Moon dancer, bearer of the Andean mesa, and smoke cleansing. Currently making her way in the world of Ecstatic Dance and body psychotherapy, blending the arts that have always been a part of her. Womb healing and pleasure activation are among her greatest strengths in the path of healing the sacred feminine and masculine.

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June 6
COME JOIN US If you are financially unable, we a job exchange possibility. +34622887804
16:30 to 20:30
33,00 per ticket(incl. fee)

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