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Listening Bodies

Join us for an immersive and transformative movement meditation workshop led by teaching artists Michael Reiley and Monica Gentile and their project called Listening Bodies.

In this workshop, we will immerse ourselves in the profound practices of Deep ListeningĀ®, Somatic Movement, and the art of the sound walk. Through these embodied experiences, we will cultivate a deeper connection with our own bodies, the surrounding environment, and the power of sound.

The workshop offers a safe and inclusive space for participants of all levels of experience to explore movement, sensory awareness, and the interplay between sound and movement. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or new to the world of movement, this workshop offers a rich and inspiring journey of self-discovery. as we believe in making the transformative power of dance and embodied listening accessible to all. Come join us and unlock the wisdom and joy of your own Listening Body.

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April 1
31,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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