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Lighthouse | Residence for Lightworkers

Welcome to the Lighthouse Experience - a transformational co-living retreat designed to ignite your inner light, realign with your purpose, and transform both your inner and outer world. Join us in the beautiful setting of an authentic Ibizean finca in Santa Eulària from August 7 to September 6, 2023.

In this special gathering of kindred spirits, we come together to co-create magic on 6 hectares of ancient land adorned with centuries-old trees. We leave expectations behind and step into a land of invitations, where you can join sessions of all kinds and offer your own gifts as you desire.

Each morning, you are invited to participate in our morning routine, which energizes us for the day, helps regulate our nervous system and teaches us how to navigate the highs and lows of life. Guided by shamanic wisdom and practices, we delve deeper into our true potential and expand our consciousness. Mastermind sessions tap into our collective intelligence, bringing creative solutions to our needs and challenges. Personal sessions on your personality type and life path come with the invitation to dive deeper, find clarity, healing, and define your next steps. We are happy to explore purpose related
topics and offer opportunities in change creating organizations.

Everyone is encouraged to share their gifts, hold sessions, test out workshops, and invite others to participate in activities of all kinds. The space comes alive through the contributions of each member of our vibrant tribe.

[[Think of: Sound journeys, movement, mindfulness, dance, massages, comedy, jamming; sessions on human connection, finding purpose, art, runes, creative writing, PR, fundraising, story telling, auravision, martial arts, acupressure, breathwork, and energy healing.]]

The land and finca offer ample space for personal processes, (co)working, deep conversations, and naturally emerging goodness. Our vibrant community dinners, jamming sessions, open stages, and celebrations create an environment of joy and togetherness - with all the personal space you desire. We cherish the moments of play, connection, and growth that naturally unfold.

Choose to join us for one week or stay for a month - the duration is up to you. Once we have aligned on your stay, you can join at any time.

Ultimately, we come together to create a truly safe and nurturing space where you can fully be, connect with yourself, your tribe, and the natural world. In this nest of genuine appreciation and encouragement, transformation seems to occur naturally as we ignite our inner light, radiating positive change not only in our own lives but in everything we are connected to. Welcome to the tribe!

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August 28
One week Lighthouse with sleepover, food and sessions
All day
1.500,95 per ticket(incl. fee)

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