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Let’s talk about Sex – a Journey to (re)discover yourself

"Let's talk about sex!" It's a provocation, a shout, a winking smile, a shy glance, an invitation, a shiver running down the spine, a flushed cheek, a beating heart, a twitch, a sly look, some embarrassment, desire, silence, resistance, curiosity....

How many contrasting things can a few words evoke: let's-talk-about-sex.👀

And that's exactly what inspired this all-female retreat in Ibiza – to dissolve taboos and liberate sex from the heavy burden it carries like a motionless boulder.

To achieve this, we'll find new words that encompass concepts such as intimacy, trust, connection, presence, pleasure, consent, respect, and desire. 🌹

Let's begin where it all starts: by connecting with your body, getting to know yourself, discovering yourself, revealing yourself – with your fears, your desires, your insecurities, your fantasies – on a journey to (re)discover yourself, a journey of intimacy.

🎯Did something resonate with you? - That's a good sign!

If you're ready to experience your intimacy fully and cultivate authentic relationships both in and out of the bedroom, this retreat is for you!

🗓️ April 29th - May 4th
📌 Ibiza
🚀 Last 2 spots

The price varies according to the type of room chosen:
Triple: €1,190
Double: €1,490
Individual: €2'090

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and secure your spot now!

Don't miss this opportunity to reconnect with your true essence and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

We can't wait to meet you!

With love,

Eliane and Luce

+39 329 7423897

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April 29
Deposit for "Let's talk about sex - your journey to (re)discover yourself" Deposit valid to secure your spot in this fantastic journey. The balance is due upon arrival and will depend on the type of room you choose.
551,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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