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Kundalini Yoga classes every Monday

We are excited to share our new weekly Kundalini Yoga and meditation class every Monday 9.30am at Laulima Dome - Sant Joan.

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness & Transformation.
It works on purifying your energy, supporting you in moving through density, stuckness and blockages.

Working on the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and energy bodies.

Some of the main benefits:
• Control and reduce stress
• Anxiety relief
• Mental & emotional balance
• Develop inner guidance & Intuition
• Increased vitality and wellbeing - immune strengthening
• Deep connection to soul & spirit
• Nervous system regulation
• Live mindfully
• Invites positivity and mental peace
• Control your thoughts and emotions
• Kundalini yoga is perfect for the modern day person
• Increased spiritual connection

Each class is unique and designed to take you on a journey that invites inner harmony, willpower, embodied wisdom and integration.

The class consists of energy smoke clearing, yoga, meditation, mantra, movement and deep relaxation.

Please message Deva
via WhatsApp to book your space.
+44 7465 441817

€20 a class or €66 for a monthly pass (4 classes)

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November 6
Kundalini Yoga class Classes every Monday 9.30-11am 4 class monthly pass available for €66
21,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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