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KAP & CACAO ceremony in a magical place

Open your heart and reconnect with your feelings.

During this special event we will start with a cacao ceremony. Together we create a safe space to open up. The cacao will have a soft heart-opening effect where you will be guided into your body and out of the head. That is where you will be able to reconnect with your feelings. The ceremony will prepare you for the KAP session.

KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process and is an energy transmission that activates your life force energy. You will lay down for 60 minutes. All you have to do is surrender and open up to the energy. I will transmit the energy by working in your energy field. This is a very natural process and you will receive what you need at that moment.

Movements and emotional release are very common when your energy starts flowing. This is necessary to clean your body from blockages that prevent your growth.

Afterwards you can feel:
♥Lighter, but grounded
♥Energized & happy
♥Aligned & connected with your body
♥Freed from old trauma’s/ stuck emotions

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September 21
KAP & Cacao ceremony
85,95 per ticket(incl. fee)

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