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illumination- 40 days online devotional sadhana

Welcome to illumination,

A 40 days devotional sadhana practice with roots in ancient wisdom from teachers and guides through the technology of Kundalini Yoga.

In this modern day and age it is so important that we purify and clean our mind and bodies to stay healthy and improve our mental and physical well-being.

This journey is a holistic approach to gain more peace, harmony and inner balance through the holy trinity of mind, body and soul.

This journey will be based around your MIND as we explore and embody the 3 mental bodies (positive, negative and neutral mind states).

Through gaining awareness and practices to support our mental functions we begin to train and master this domain so that it is supportive to our lives.

If the mind is out of control we can live a very dark, unhappy and unfulfilled life, haunted by the past. The negative mind is only one of the minds which is actually seeking to belong and is trying to protect you. With awareness, education and practice we can bring the body back into alignment.

Kundalini Yoga is known to assist change and self-limiting habits.

It is a transformational system designed to release blocks to the reservoirs of untapped energy within you.

It is designed to balance the glandular system and revitalise the nervous systems.

It works to build, clear, and balance the subtle systems of the nadis (energy channels) and the chakras.

It includes breathing practices and other established practices for optimal health and optimal functioning.

It is a science.

When energy moves freely through the chakras, it stimulates the mental, physical, and spiritual health of your being. There is a clarity that arises that combines perception, thought, and intuition.

Liberation through Illumination is a journey we take together,

You receive 5 live calls
And 4 pre recorded meditations
A private support and accountability group,
Education and Information of the 3 mental bodies.

(All will be recorded If you can’t attend live)

Opening ceremony
29th September 7-8am (Uk time)
8th October 7-8am
18th October 7-8am
28th October 7-8am
8th November 7-8am, closing ceremony.

This is a journey for souls who are devoted and committed to transformation and are looking for a spiritual practice.

This whole course is €90.00

Payment details:
Name: Emma Twigg trading as Deva Wild
Bank: Monzo Bank
Account number: 88307449
Sort code: 04-00-04

For overseas payments ONLY PayPal is welcome

If you have any questions or need any further clarity please send me a private message.

With love and blessings

Deva Wild

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September 29
illumination - 40 days devotional sadhana 5 live classes (all recorded) 4 meditations, Support group and community
91,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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