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Himalayan Soundbath, Meditative Zen Journey with Mirabell ♾️ Akalanka

Himalayan Soundbath, Meditative Zen Weekly Journey with Mirabell ♾️ Akalanka

As the sun crosses the celestial equator twice a year, we recall that balance is the key to a fulfilling life.

Mirabell is a sound healing teacher who lived in the Himalayas practicing Meditation, Tai chi - Qigong, Filming, ♾️ Sounds.
She will be accompanied by Alkanaka (Federico) on a meditative Sound Journey. The practice includes meditation and breathing techniques.

Intention for April sessions: Tuning in, Self-love. ✨

Welcome! OM 🥰 ✨

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April 24
Himalayan Soundbath, Meditative Zen Weekly Journey with Mirabell ♾️ Akalnka We are starting on time... at 5 pm :) Please arrive 10 minutes before... You advised to bring a shawl to cover your face and body. See you soon :) Love & Light
16:50 - 18:10
26,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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