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Great Awakening & Deep Reconnection Retreat Ibiza

Great Awakening & Deep Reconnection Retreat Ibiza

7 days ~ 7 Gates

Ibiza Es Vedra

Ibiza ~ Atlantida Lemuria

My beloved Home 🤍

Deep Reconnection through the visiting high energetical places which still keeping Origin Codes for Us to reconnect and Remember ..

Deep Meditations, Dreams, deep Visions and Insights will guide and holding You in hole this inner Journey long before and after, we go behind time and space zone ..

All Chakras Activation

Light Body Activation

Mer Kha Ba Activation

Time and Space Astral travel reconnect and remind your Origin Source and Purpose and reconnect with Your Divinity

7 Galactic Suns Portals Initiation

Golden Light Codes Transmission

DNA Crystal Grid Activation

Light Masters Initiation

See You 🙌🌟

Greetings and much Love

Patricia Arvo

I am a light guide of souls.
My work at this time is currently Egypt, where I accompany people to places of Power, the Pyramids of Giza, in Temples, to Oases in the deserts of Sahara, to the places of the sacred Blue Lotus and to the southern coast of the Red Sea in the presence of our beloved guiders Dolphins. Through resting quietly in these subtle pure high vibrational energies in meditation at these places and feeling them, and by transmitting the energetic codes what this places remains, the people remember their soul blueprint and reconnect with themselves through the many insights and intuitive promptings that arise in these very Power places because of their specific vibration.
In Egypt, this tool of downloading and selling the Golden Light Codes and activating the crystalline DNA grid was also launched for me, allowing their integration into our cells and raising our vibration to be fully connect and present.

Golden light codes

They come as a Gift to support our remembrance and awakening to Being in Pure Love, Harmony and Absolute Abundance.
They come gently like silent Golden Rain directly from the Source of Our Creator, of which we have always been, are and will be a part, and are now beautifully available to all who are ready and open and allow themselves to tune in and receive them.
They act as subtle vibrations deep at the cellular level, activating and lighting up every cell of our body, reminding us of our Divine origin, our true mission on Earth, to simply BE.

Activation of the Crystalline DNA Grid

These codes act directly on our energetic quantum unique DNA hologram, which by their action changes its structure to crystalline and activates to its highest potential, thus revibrating our cells to this frequency and thanks to this activation, we feel into a new Being, Consciousness, a new perspective of self-perception and the world around us.

The Golden Codes are the purest and highest frequency of God's Love and Grace and Our own Essence.
We are returning home.
It is the highest form of Spiritual Alchemy. This Alchemy takes place in our Heart, in the Core of our Soul.

When the consciousness in the Sacred Cup of Matter acquires a sufficiently high vibration, then the Matter is transformed into Angelic Light and the Human Being becomes a Human Angel.
The Human Angel has an energetic Aura or Body of Golden Light, in effect becoming the Golden Chalice or "Holy Grail".

Every Human Being is capable of raising their Consciousness to a Level where this Angelic Transformation could be possible.
It took some time for this Vibrational Frequency to enter the Collective Consciousness and for humans to evolve enough to hold this Golden Light of Divine Consciousness in the Human Chalice.

In reality it took 2000 years for enough Humans to populate the Planet and for these Humans to evolve enough to create a way to become One Planetary Heart and Mind so that the entire planet could be raised to the Light of Gold and that the Planet itself could become the Golden Grail of Light.

The "Christ Consciousness" is seated in the Heart, it is the Heart that carries the Higher Frequencies of Love, Joy and Peace, and only by opening the Heart can we achieve the Grail Consciousness within ourselves and then be ready to share it with others.


Thank you that I can. 🙏


I'm a galactic healer working with various galactic families (Arcturians, Hathors, Pleiadians, and many more).
Healing gifts
Light Code Transmission and Activations, DNA activations
Light language and Codes
Transmission of universal energies & Light codes to collective consciousness and Grounding
Connection to three Royal stars

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July 14
Great Awakening & Deep Reconnection Ibiza See You in Ibiza 🩵 All year Available on request by email or WhatsApp.
3.301,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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