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HIGHER FREQUENCY: Chakra Activation & Mantras

HIGHER FREQUENCY: Chakra Activation & Mantras
Elevate Your Heart-Brain to Higher Frequencies

Discover the treasures within your heart and attune to a higher frequency with our Heart Resonance event. This unique experience is designed to guide you into a state of inner harmony through chakra activation and the power of devotional mantras.

How we serve you:
* Chakra Activation Meditation Led by Nico, restore your inner radiance and soothe your nervous system.
* Mantra Singing led by Anna, Activate your voice and express higher frequencies through devotional singing, opening a portal of love to share with the entire island.
* Heart Connection: Explore your heart, emotions, and subconscious, reconnecting with the universal vibration of love.
* Nourishing Brunch: Enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal in the beautiful Boutique Hostal la Curandera, fostering heart-to-heart connections.

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July 20
09:45 - 11:45
34,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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