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Ecstatic Dance with igor

Dearest dancers,

Next WEDNESDAY - 8th of May - New Moon - we have the joy to be rewelcoming Igor Vokjan back up to the mountain for another celestial New Moon set.. his last one in October was truly cosmic.

Here is the October set 🤩:


Open: 1745
Arrival and Warm-up: 1745-1845
Ecstatic Dance: 1845-2045
Sunset: 2054

~ Location: Valverde

~ Suggested contribution:


The carpooling system is working amazingly.
People arrive on time.
Everyone starts dancing together.
Everyone ends together.
Everyone gets home / to their next thing without rushing.

~Parking Overview

Cars all park at a (big parking) spot very nearby the venue and then pre-arranged drivers will then ferry dancers up and down the hill to a drop off point where dancers will then walk (10 minutes) up to the house.

~Booking your place

Should you wish to join us, please contact:
Jamie on +447596888700
Directly to confirm.

He will then contact you directly with location / parking instructions the day before.

We are always looking for drivers
Drivers dance for free
Drivers will do MAXIMUM 4* up and down "ferry" trips at the beginning and the end

Please contact Jamie directly if being a driver resonates with you.

🙏🏽 Very important 🙏🏽
If you book your place and then discover you cannot join us.. please let Jamie know in good timing so that we can invite other people to dance with us.

That's it!

Looking forward to dancing with you all!


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May 8
Ecstatic Dance entrance for the ectatic dance
21,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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