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Ecstatic Dance Luna Magica in Private Luxury Villa | Hz Freq Soundhealing | Sauna, Bonfire & Mantra songs

Beautiful avatar,

With love and honor I invite you to a new edition after last beautiful and magical Luna Magica Ecstatic Dance, Sauna and mantra singing by the bonfire at our beautiful private villa.

This waning gibbous moon phase is the perfect time to re-evaluate your goals you have set since the last new moon and also has a theme of forgiveness.

In this dance we will welcome these two subjects and invite each other to sink into compassion and help each other to re-evaluate as a family, a tribe.



17:30 arrival and connection
18:00 Opening circle - sharing - Ho'oponopono ritual
18:30 Ecstatic Dance by Lotus Imane (Namaste Akasha Ibiza)
20:30 Soundhealing working with different Hz frequencies and Ethnic instruments - intuitive touch re-calibration
21:00 Sauna on, soup will be served while guided mantra singing by the bonfire. In flow we will have the DJ decks open for who ever would love to share their music for some more dancing ...
23:00 end


I will have another beautiful batch of the blue lotus / golden teacher / mcKenna cholocates arriving from a beautiful Curandera in Holland, available on request, please whatsapp me.

Looking forward to share another beautiful magic night with you as a tribe.

Join the whatsapp group for logistic and final information (link in your booking ticket after purchase)

With so much love,

Lotus Imane

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February 3
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February 3
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