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'All is Within' would love to take you on an adventure and share the magic of the divine blueprint activation in one of the most beautiful and powerful places on the island. Called Atlantis, it's a very strong magnetic field where all your prayers/intentions/desires will be amplified.

We will meet at 4 pm in the parking place of Es Vedra, the location will be shared by signing up. From here we will make a beautiful hour hike towards the hidden place of Atlantis. We will do some fun interactive activities along the way to get more clarity in your mission and gifts and you will receive the divine blueprint activation in a beautiful natural pool filled with sacred water. After the activation, there is time to integrate, journal and/or share your experiences. There will be a light meal provided and some refreshing drinks to ground again. Around 8 pm we will be finished after sunset.

Bonus: It's also a new moon! Yay! The power of the new moon is perfect to kick off this new moon cycle with setting intentions for the upcoming month. What would you like to let go of? And what would you like to receive?

Simone Alyssa is a very powerful healer who works with the purity of knowledge of Shamanism, Reiki & Sourcery and loves to share her gifts with you to support you in your energetical development, creating a quantum leap and facilitating a big reset of your energetic/nervous system that results in:

- Stress release and finding inner peace within
- Deeper clarity in why you are here & your mission on Earth
- Empty & Relaxed Mind
- Understanding that 'All is Within'
- Deeper understanding of your gifts & gold for the world
- A sense of relief as if you dropped a certain burden off your shoulders

What is a divine blueprint activation exactly?

- It's magic, it's sourcery. it's withcraft. It's hard to explain in words but let's try. We work on DNA level, which means it will work on cellular level to reprogram your mind, body and soul. To give you a big reset. All techniques we use are based on ancient wisdom shared by my Shaman 'Chief Dancing Thunder' of the Susquehannock Tribe and my Reiki Masters.
- It's a beautiful way to release any blockages that are holding you back from stepping into your new reality, creating the life that your Soul is longing for.
Think of; that beautiful partner, abundant money flow, house of your dreams, and healthy and fit body - if you can dream it - you can create it.
Or better attract it ;) Simone Alyssa works with the power of all the elements and the magnetic field of Atlantis to support you in your manifestation.

After this adventure and beautiful ceremony:

- You will see the magic walk in your life in the upcoming month.
- You will be blessed with a multilevel upgrade of your being.
- You will understand it's worth the investment which will come back to you multiplied.

Some more practical info:

Bring your:

- Hiking shoes
- Towel
- Journal & Pen
- Enough water and maybe a little snack
- Power object to recharge as well

Sign up by sending an email to join us or for questions.

It will be an intimate group of between 3 - 8 people - to have enough personal attention and support for your adventure!

Hope to see you soon.

Much love,
Simone Alyssa
& Team All is Within

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October 14
DIVINE BLUE PRINT ACTIVATION with New Moon Your investment will come back to you multiplied. Trust.
16:00 - 20.00
251,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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