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Deep Connection Massage Training


More than 50 movements: you will develop a large range of movements and techniques that you can include in a session of a length of anything between one and two hours. You will not only learn the movements but develop a sense for rhythms, slowness, speed and stillness that you can use to make your sessions unique for the recipient.

Healthy posture: you will learn how to position your body as you are massaging another body, which has a huge influence on both the feeling of the recipient and your wellbeing and performance.

Activities and tools: you will leave this training with a new awareness and sense of grounding, presence and quality of contact.

Somatic Experiencing: you will learn about simple and effective techniques that will help you to recognise and support processes that the recipient of your session might go through during your session. These techniques will support you to support them to release tension and stuck emotions.

Anatomy and the fascia system: you will gain basic knowledge of the human body, on how it works and moves.

Group Support: as we are journeying through this process in a group you will be able to express any needs and concerns about the learning process with this group in a respectful and safe container.

Demonstrations: every movement and technique will be demonstrated in detail, which will ensure that you’ll leave this experience feeling confident using this extraordinary technique.

Opening and closing a session: you will learn the relevant steps to open and close a session, such as working with the energy field of the recipient.

Intelligence of the body: you will journey through exercises that will awaken and explore the intelligence of your body and especially your hands. You will learn to listen and observe through your entire body.

Life force energy: you will learn how to awaken and mobilise the energy in the body, moving it from the base of the spine to the top of the head.


- Learn how to touch in a special and unique way.
- Learn a very special technique that will significantly change the quality of your touch.
- Increase your level of presence with yourself and others (during the sessions and in your real life).
- Touching beyond the skin.
- To be able to perform a complete massage session.
- And mainly to feel safe and confident to do it.
- Help to generate positive changes in the quality of life of other people.
- Help to release tension, stress and emotions contained in the body.

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