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Biodynamic Breathwork ~ Spring Equinox Special

Trauma Release System

Welcoming the light!
Resetting your nervous system for new beginnings

Wednesday 20th March
Price: 25 euros if booked by 17th March
35 euros after / 60 euros for 2 people

Spring Equinox marks the beginning of spring, a day when the day and night are equally long, and the day from when the days starts to get longer and the nights shorter

A perfect day to reset and bring balance to our internal world, and create the perfect environment for new intentions to be planted and set in motion 🦋

Biodynamic Breathwork works with the different belts of tension (chakras) to release emotional and physical pain that keeps us stuck, using conscious breath, touch, felt sense, sound, movement, and meditation. We combine all this elements to help us process and express undigested emotions, expand our capacity to contain discomfort, and bring back the natural flow of energy, enhancing feelings of connection, empowerment, ease, freedom and vitality.

The class will include:
🍃Intention setting
🦋Free dance
🍃1 hour of connected open mouth breath practice
🦋Relaxation and integration

If you suffer from asthma (or have had in the past). or any other important health condition, please get in touch with Amrita first to discuss if this session is suitable for you

For more information about Biodynamic Trauma Release Breathwork and Amrita’s work @amritasnectar

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March 20
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61,15 per ticket(incl. fee)
March 20
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36,15 per ticket(incl. fee)
March 20
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26,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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