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Biodynamic Breathwork ~ Imbolc special

(Trauma Release System)
Alchemizing self doubt, confusion and procrastination into clear vision and direction to bring your dreams and projects into manifestation

Thursday 1st February
6:30-8:30pm @Connection Dome (Benirras)
Price: 25 euros if booked by 26th Jan / 35 euros after

Imbolc is a pagan festivity that reminds us of spring coming soon. Is the perfect time to tune in to our vision for what we want to commit to for the next cycle to come. What, and how we want to bring it into existence. This is a time to prepare ourselves for exciting new growth to come!

If you’ve been in winter hibernation,
And you have a sense of what you want to do but is not quit clear yet
Or you have had this rush of inspiration, but you got stuck with self doubt and confusion on how to bring it into existence

Or maybe you still don't know what to focus on for the next few months but really want to create something that feels truly aligned with your soul’s purpose, and that feels exciting, expansive, and of service to many

And you want to feel more clear and relaxed, and less anxious and confused about the future…

This session could bring you the clarity of exactly what to do and how, and the focus and direction you need, to bring your dreams and projects into existence!

Biodynamic Breathwork works with the different belts of tension (chakras) to release emotional and physical pain that is keeping us stuck. Using conscious breath, touch, felt sense, sound, movement, and meditation, we bring back the flow of energy, and enhance feelings of connection, empowerment, ease, freedom and vitality.

Opening the ocular belt of tension (ajna chakra), releases stuck emotions and outdated points of views, and opens up space for clear vision, intuition, understanding, clarity, and many times, for the answers to questions you've been stuck with for a long time, to come through. This is what we will focus on for this session

The group energy will give you strength and courage to move through resistance and discomfort, (and we all know is much harder to do this alone!), and amplify the power of your personal intention to move towards more freedom, empowerment, expansion, and ease in your life.

The class will include:
🍃Intention setting
🦋Free dance
🍃1 hour of connected open mouth breath practice
🦋Relaxation and integration

If you suffer from asthma (or have had in the past). or any other important health condition, please get in touch with Amrita first to discuss if this session is suitable for you

For more information about Biodynamic Trauma Release Breathwork and Amrita’s work @amritasnectar

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