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✨ 🌈 Bhakti Sound Journey Himalayan Soundbath and Chantings With Mirabell ♾️ Anna Flawsomeat at Es Vedra ✨

✨ 🌈 Bhakti Sound Journey Himalayan Soundbath & Chantings at Es Vedra ✨Tuesday, 28th of May With Mirabell ♾️ Anna Flawsome ✨ 🌈
at 5 PM✨

Location details will be provided upon confirmation.

Peace is this moment without judgment, this moment in the Heart-space where everything that is is welcome.

You are invited to surrender to your INNER SOURCE, allow peace and love in, and embrace all that YOU are.
🧘‍♀️🪷🧘 🪷🧘🏻‍♀️ 💚

Join us for a unique Bhakti fusion this month to immerse yourself in a meditative sound and devotional journey.
Explore the depths of your heart, emotions, and subconscious, reconnecting with the vibration of LOVE that knows no separation or boundaries. ✨ Amplified by the presence of Es Vedra Rock ✨ holding each other in this (ad)venture..

Our devotional practices foster peace by quieting the mind and opening the heart. Through the power of Bhakti yoga which emphasises devotion and love, we create a sanctuary where peace can flourish. In this sacred space, judgment falls away, and every part of our being is welcomed and embraced.

🧘🏽‍♀️The practice includes:
* Voice activation and mantras
* Chanting meditation
* Himalayan Sound journey

Event Details:
* Location: Es Vedra (please leave your phone number for receiving the exact location pin)
* Day & Time: Tuesday, 28th May at 5 PM

* What to Bring: Comfortable warm clothing, a thin shawl to cover your eyes, yoga matt, pillow, and water.

Everything is turning to Joy… ✨

✨ॐ WELCOME ॐ✨🦎

Mirabell ♾️ Anna

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May 28
✨ 🌈 Bhakti Sound Journey Himalayan Soundbath & Chantings at Es Vedra ✨ Please leave your phone number for the exact location. Message Mirabell + +34 681 129 346 Or Anna +49 152 05287365 ✨🫶✨
17:00 - 20:00
34,15 per ticket(incl. fee)

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