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5 Rhythms Dance Event – “Our Nature” Open Dance (Friday) & Workshop Saturday & Sunday

A 3 day 5Rhythms x Somatic Experiencing Workshop

With Helen Bohan (certified 5Rhythms & Open Floor Teacher and accredited Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) from Ireland.

Helen Bohan will host her 2 day "Our Nature" workshop at O-Inni Garden after a 2 hour "Open" 5Rhythms Class on the Friday at a private villa in Valverde.

The combination of Rhythms and Somatic Experiencing
A voice-guided free movement dance practice, 5Rhythms takes dancers through a “wave” of sound and rhythm to enable for dancers to drop more into their bodies and use movement to move their inner worlds to discover and express themselves in a well held space.

Further combined with Helen’s rich knowledge of the Somatic Experiencing world, it will be exciting to be able to work with various SE tools to dance with / accept / integrate any inner pieces held within and find even more to routes to expression and release.

The cost for the:
Open class is €20
Weekend Workshop is €160
Whole weekend is €180

The event will be taught by Helen in English and a person is available to translate into Spanish if needed.

What is 5Rhythms?

5Rhythms is a guided, dynamic movement meditation practice.

The 5Rhythms – Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness®️ – are states of Being.
They teach us that life is energy in motion.
In dancing 5Rhythms, the body becomes our spiritual path.


About Helen:

Helen will be teaching this workshop in English.

What is Somatic Experiencing?

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April 19
5 Rhythms Dance Event - "Our Nature" Open Dance (Friday) - 1830 to 2030
Various Days
20,00 per ticket(incl. fee)
April 19
5 Rhythms Dance Event - "Our Nature" Workshop Saturday and Sunday - 1200 to 1700
Various Days
160,00 per ticket(incl. fee)
April 19
5 Rhythms Dance Event - "Our Nature" Full Weekend (Friday - Sunday) Ticket - 1830 to 2030 (Friday) and 1200 to 1700 (Saturday + Sunday)
Various Days
180,00 per ticket(incl. fee)

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